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re: App: Shatfromhell

The application submitted by Shatfromhell is as follows:

Our required raid days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Raids start at 8pm server (east) and usually end by 12:00 server, though on occasion we do go a bit late on a progression night. Would you be able to attend all these raids? (y/n if no, whi:


IM/MSN (Please list which)::

Character Name::




Main Spec:

Do you have dual specs? If so, what is it and do you have sufficient gear to do well at this offspec?:

Please explain any talent choices that do not match the cookie cutter build of your chosen spec(s):
Well, i recently hit 80 w/ my priest. Have the healing gear, working on getting the dps gear. More info below lol

How well do you take criticism? Are you open minded to thoughts/suggestions on how to better your class or toon?:
I take criticism very well. I am always open to suggestion, as long as the criticism isn't in a hateful way, or cutting me down just to be a prick.

How long have you played WoW?:
Less than a year

Previous Guilds (Please list all)::
None that are worth mentioning lol

Under what circumstances did you leave your last guild?:
I just want to be in a guild that raids, and works together as a guild, not just a bunch of random ppl from the server that never do stuff together

Who do you know in Shai that would be willing to attest to the fact that 1. you don't suck and 2. you'd fit in with us?::
Nobody sadly :(

What is your reason for applying to Shai Hulud? What are you hoping to get out of joining, and in return what can you provide us?::
Well, truth be told, i mainly want to apply w/ my rogue. But i saw that you guys are in need of shadow priests, and ironically enough i have one of those. My rogue is dual spec'd and i know him very well...he's my main. Current GS of 5341 i believe. But i figured if i get a reason to get dps gear for my shadow priest, then why not.
I hope to get good raiding out of shai hulud. I love raiding,and i just can't do pugs anymore because of the fact of being locked out because somebody didn't get the gear they wanted.
I'm not real sure what i can provide. I am willing to learn, and I just want to raid. I want to be a part of a guild that does something together.

Describe your previous raiding experience (Please include Hard Mode Experience)::
Previous raiding experience:
VoA 10. all the bosses downed
VoA 25. 2/4 bosses downed
Naxx. all bosses downed (except the horsemen)
ICC 10. Gotten to saurfang..but know all the fights from watching tankspot videos
ICC 25. Gotten to rotface...once again know the fights though
So far everything has been on normal mode...i can't find ppl that want to try and do shit on heroic.

You Must have the following to raid. Ventrilo (no mic ok)::

Deadly Boss Mods or Big Wigs::

Please provide a link to your armory (log out in PvE gear, for the spec you plan on raiding with us)::

Please include a link to a screenshot of your UI.:
Don't really have any.

Please list any online logs (WWS, WMO, WoL, or atleast a Recount screenshot) displaying your abilities (No the dog ate our logs is not acceptable, if you do not answer this question your app will probably be automatically denied):
Haven't really saved any of my recount status'

What do you hate?:
Being saved to a raid because of a pug.

Open mic night - here is where you get to tell us anything we did not ask about, tell us a bedtime story, write some song lyrics, or whatever else you'd like to add to your ap::
I really just want to be in a guild that does shit together. I mainly want to get in w/ my rogue, which is the armory i linked. However as I said, i have a disc/shadow priest that is available as well. Figure, i haven't geared for dps yet, so this way you can gear me the way you want me geared. I can be the priest you want me to be. I know my app. may not seem that impressive, but give me a shot, if you don't like me, you can always throw me away, no hard feeling.

Tits or ass? Feel free to go into detail on your explanation here.:
Both are nice, but now days there are too many fake tits runnin around. But then again, ass smells bad...gotta go w/ titties! beer too.

As one final question, How did you hear about our guild?:
Saw you guys tearin' up Duskwood

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